COIN-OP in the Wild!

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COIN-OP is my Retro Video Game Ableton Live Template, which is all set up for you to easily create authentic 8-bit video game style music. You can use it to stay true to the original game systems or just to add some old-school spice to your latest tracks. 

A few people have sent along their creations using COIN-OP and I wanted to take a moment to share them with you.

Dancing for Coins by Akia DaGreat

Akia DaGreat has put together a cool original track using COIN-OP. Be sure to check out her work on her SoundCloud. I really like how Akia made use of some of the heavier drum sounds in COIN-
OP. She leaves a lot of space in the mix so those elements can really cut through. About halfway through the bass comes in with the Triangle wave instrument. Some really cool lead sounds take over to bring you through the journey. Really cool!

Karma Police Cover by Moses on a Motorbike

Moses on a Motorbike and I have crossed paths numerous times in recent years. Lots of awesome work and projects come from Moses! Be sure to check out the Feedback Alliance remixes that were done using samples from one of my tracks, "One Day." 

This time Moses has an 8-bit cover of Radiohead's "Karma Police." I especially like the quality of the instrument used to recreate Thom Yorke's vocals. It captures that longing and haunting voice he's famous for. Love this one!

My Own Tracks...

Of course, I've spent some time with COIN-OP, so here are my tracks :)

Ableton Live Template

COIN-OP is an Ableton Live Template for creating authentic retro video game music. Simply open the project and start making old-school video game music! The project is loaded with instruments and effects for composing and performing 8-bit style music.