Drum Buss - Ableton Live 10's New Drum FX Powerhouse

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 4.43.47 PM.png

Over the last few months, I've had to resist busting out Live 10 in public for the sole purpose of using Drum Buss. This is an effect that will no doubt be a part of my own default Live projects. I have a hard time making it sound bad. Let's talk about it!

I don't know how Ableton resisted calling Drum Buss something mystical like "Magic Drum Super-fier Machine of the Both Past and Future" or something crazy that captures its power. Its so modestly named! 

Essentially, it's a Saturator, Compressor, Transient Emphasizer, Resonator, and Drum Tuner wrapped up in one inconspicuous little package. I've already read write-ups of new Live 10 features that gloss over Drum Buss; maybe they haven't spent enough time with it. But Drum Buss is probably going to follow every Drum Rack you ever use again. It's capable of beefing up sounds, increasing and reducing drum decays and room ambience. It can turn your kick drums into a resonating bass instrument. It can add analog warmth and grit. It can make your drums sound like they are on fire. 

Between Drum Buss and Echo, Ableton has probably saved me tons of money I would have wound up spending on vintage analog gear, as well as repairs for that gear. These two devices bring some of my favorite characteristics of classic hardware right into my laptop.

Allow me to share my excitement with a deep exploration and tutorial about just how powerful Drum Buss is in this video tutorial.