End of the Year Sale; Make an EP in 30 Days

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It's the end of the year and you can celebrate by getting the sounds you need and the tips and tricks to create new music at super low prices.

End of the Year Sale: 50% Off Ableton Live Packs

From now until the start of 2018, you can get 50% Off any of my Ableton Live Packs. Just use the code: 2018

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Make an EP in 30 Days Course $25 Off

Jason Timothy of MusicSoftwareTraining developed the incredibly helpful EP30 Master Course that will help you create 2-3 songs in 30 days. Using 19 daily video lessons, daily workbooks, and direct contact with Jason himself, you'll learn a ton of useful tips, tricks, and philosophies to take you through the entire creation process. Jason gave me an exclusive offer for you to save $25 on his course. 

Learn more about the EP30 Master Course and save $25 with the code: ADJMAC25

Get a feel for what Jason is all about by listening to our conversation on the Music Production Podcast. Jason left me feeling inspired and with a ton of things to think about.