Ableton Live Tape Bundle - Limited Sale!

Get a Ton of Tape-Bathed Ableton Live Packs at an Incredible Value!

Now through Sunday, February 26, 2017, for the first 50 customers, I'm offering 3 of my tape-based Ableton Live Packs in a special bundle for half the normal price. 

The Ableton Live Tape Bundle includes:

The 80's VHS Synths features 58 Instruments created from samples of synths recorded to VCR tape.

The Cassette Tape Prophets features samples  from the Prophet 6 analog synth, recorded to cassette tape and built into 20 Instrument Racks.

The Super Tape Drums features 450 drum samples recorded to reel to reel tape and built into 30 Drum Racks

That's 108 Ableton Live Instruments, all bathed in the warm of analog tape, for your productions. These Packs cover every aspect of the production process: leads, pads, plucks, rhythmic synths, keys, drums, and the experimental. It's everything you need for adding that vintage vibe to your music.

*Requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard and Above*

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