Free Korg MS 20 Arps Ableton Live Instruments


I've just released the Korg MS20 Apps Ableton Live Pack, which is a collection of 40 Instrument Racks, sampled from the Korg MS20 and built into a variety of arpeggiated synth presets. 

Read all about the Pack here.

Free Demo of the Korg MS20 Arps Ableton Live Pack

I made 3 extra presets for this collection that I want to give to you for free! These instruments are in addition to the 40 available in the full collection. They should give you a good idea of what the Pack is all about.

Get the Full Collection!

If you like these free demos, you're going to love the full Pack. It has 40 Instrument Racks in total that I guarantee will add new dimensions to your music or your money back! 

Get the Pack by joining the AfroDJMac Music Production Club, for just $6...


Get it when it goes on sale in May for $15.

Here's a full video and some audio demos: