Waterfall Instruments: The 150th Free Ableton Live Pack

It gives me great pleasure to share the 150th Free Ableton Live Pack with you today! This is the Waterfall Instruments Ableton Live Pack. It's a collection of six Instrument Racks I created using audio samples of waterfalls from Norway's Fjords and Lake Plitvice in Croatia. I recorded these samples during my honeymoon because I thought they would make great white noise sounds. I've managed to create two white noise instruments, a Drum Rack, an organ, a bass, and a plucked synth. I want you to have them all for free, to use in your own music :)

More AfroDJMac Live Streams.... ? 

Video editing is fun, but it's not my passion. And often, it becomes the bottleneck in putting out my work. One thing I love about the Music Production Podcast is how easy it is to put together. I simply record the episode, upload, and write a few sentences about the show. Then it's done. Not much editing and straight to the point. It makes it easy to get the job done.

Creating videos is a bit more work. The setup, editing, and post-production takes a lot of time, and that ultimately limits the amount of material I can put out. Live streaming seems to be a little different. There's no editing or rendering. It's finished as soon as I hit stop. 

For this Free Ableton Live Pack, I decided to live stream the creation process. It allowed me to not only create the Pack and show everyone how it was done, but also let me get instant feedback from viewers, all while recording the video. 

I really enjoyed the process. Interacting with people and getting real-time input was not only extremely helpful, but also a lot of fun. It allowed the creation process to be another form of interaction, which is a huge motivation for my work. 

Here's the full video below. It takes you through the entire process of how the instruments were created. I was asked to create a track with the instruments once they were done, you can watch that unfold at about an hour and eleven minutes in. I had a lot of fun and I think you might see more of this kind of stuff from me in the future...

Big Thanks to You!

When I made my first Free Ableton Live Pack, I had no idea I'd make 150 of them. I've always been motivated to make my own sounds, but nothing pushed me more than people like you who are reading this and downloading my work. It's been an incredible honor to hear the amazing music you've made with my sounds, and so inspiring to hear your kind words of support. I know I never would have gotten this far without you. Thank you for giving this to me.