Help Us Create a Whistle Pack!

I am a terrible whistler. I can muster up a few notes in a very limited range, and have no control over the pitch. My dog looks at me funny when I try to call her with a whistle. It's kind of sad...

And usually when I can't do something, I start building sample instruments from those sounds. The guys from pATCHES and I were talking and we decided we wanted a nice whistling sound pack. So we are calling on all you whistlers!

All you have to do is record yourself whistling a few notes. Record it however you like... Break out that Neumann U87, hook it up to your Neve console, and hit record... or reach in your pocket for your iPhone; it doesn't matter! If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know that there's no such thing as a bad sample when building instruments!.The goal is to collect as many whistling samples as we can and build a great collection. Everyone who submits will be credited. Submitting is easy.

Submit your whistling sample to with our simple form over at pATCHES.

Listen to the insightful conversation I had with pATCHES on the Music Production Podcast.

Important! Submissions Deadline is SUNDAY JUNE 25th! 

That's only a few days away! That means you must get to work at once! Time waits for no one...