Americanas Vinyl Synths Ableton Live Pack

I've been having so much fun finding short samples of instruments playing single notes on vinyl records, and then turning those samples into playable melodic instruments. I began doing this last month with the Pacific Vinyl Synths Ableton Live Pack, and now I'm continuing the exploration with the Americanas Vinyl Synths Ableton Live Pack

*Both the Americanas and Pacific Vinyl Synths Ableton Live Packs are included in the VINYL Ableton Live Pack.*

I gathered a few old vinyl records featuring music from North and South America. I scoured them for interesting sounds and isolated notes to build instruments from. As each sample is played back on a melodic keyboard, you can hear the artifacts from the record in your playing. Little crackles and pops from the record make their way into the instruments, creating the effect that your sounds are coming directly from a vinyl record. The analog warmth also shines through, creating instruments that are full of life and movement. 

There's all kinds of sounds in these 29 Instruments. There are basses, pads, leads, atmospheric sounds, and percussion. There's a guitar-based instrument, a trumpet-based instrument, and even a drum rack made up of small clicks and pops from the vinyl record. Many of the sounds defy explanation. Pulling sounds from vinyl yields a little bit of magic, which you can now inject into your own music. 

Watch the walkthrough and listen to some music made with the Americanas Ableton Live Pack in this video below. 

*Requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard and Above

Ableton Live Pack

VINYL is a collection of 50 Ableton Live Instrument Racks that have the sound of vinyl records. 

The instruments were created from micro samples of a collection of vinyl records. The crackling of the vinyl inherent in each sound is apparent in each instrument, giving it character and analog warmth, as well as some grit and texture. All sounds are named after islands in the Pacific and places in the Americas.