WindChimes Ableton Live Pack in Action

One of my favorite things about creating Ableton Live Packs, instruments and sample packs is hearing what people do with them. It's almost always a surprise. Sounds I thought might be tied to certain genres wind up in places I never imagined. It's fun to know that on some level, I had something to do with another artist's creation. 

The WindChimes Ableton Live Pack was built from samples of a beautiful set of wind chimes I bought for my backyard. If I remember correctly, the wind chimes have six chimes that produce a Major-Six chord. Depending on how the wind blows, it plays beautiful and dreamy melodies or sometimes the wind decides to emphasize the minor triad only, producing a bittersweet and longing feeling. 

One artist that consistently sends tracks he makes with my sounds is I-Master aka The Abacus. Today he posted the track below which makes use of those beautiful wind chimes. And I love how different it is than my Wind Chimes EP (video below). My vision for these sounds was so different than his. And that's one of my favorite parts about making and releasing my sound packs :)

Wind Chime Instruments
Ableton Live Pack

A beautiful set of wind chimes, sampled into a collection of 23 Ableton Live Instruments. Includes 4 Audio Effect Racks and 4 Live Sets of music made with the Pack.