Increase Your Music Production With Homework!

In some recent episodes of the Music Production Podcast, I've been assigning homework. Don't worry; you won't be graded and you can't fail! These are just some things to help keep yourself productive and trying new things. I hope to help keep us all out of ruts and slumps, and to fight through creative blocks. Listen to the episodes and start making some music. Share your homework assignments on the Music Production Podcast Facebook page.

Episode 29: Make Music From Unusual Sound Sources.

In this episode, I discuss how experimenting with samples of old vinyl records lead me to create the Vinyl Synths Ableton Live Packs. I then challenge you to make music with unusual sound sources. 

Here's a piece of music I made with just the instruments from my Vinyl Synths Ableton Live Pack:

Episode #30: The Power of Collaboration.

I've had some really nice collaborations lately and talk about how it can help us grow and come up with new ideas. I take you through a recent collaboration with pATCHES to create the free crowd-sourced Ableton Live Whistle Pack. Finally, I create some music, in realtime, using five of the 20 whistle instruments. Your assignment is to collaborate with someone!