Country Punkin EP Released!

country punkin album art.JPG

Today I am releasing my latest EP, called Country Punkin. It's a quick 6-minute collection of 4 fast and intense rock songs. The musical inspiration comes from punk rock and the lyrical inspiration came from country music. It's an upbeat and catchy display of frustration, aggression, and fun. 

All 4 songs were recorded on the Teenage Engineering OP-1's four track tape recorder. I ran a Shure SM57 directly into the OP-1, purposefully overdriving the input to get a gritty lo-fi sound. 

My goal was to record no-nonsense to-the-point rock songs. There are no intros, outros, solos, instrumentals, or interludes. Every song has been stripped to its core, leaving only the bare essentials: quick verses to set up for catchy choruses. As a result, the average length of each song is about a minute and twenty seconds. 

I'm very happy with how the EP came out. It's pure emotion and no gloss. The songs come in a hurry, and are gone in a flash. I think each one is catchy enough to become familiar within one listen. I hope you enjoy it and it gives you a quick shot of adrenaline! 

Country Punkin is available on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play and wherever else you stream your music.

This is the studio setup for the Country Punkin EP. 

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