MELT is Now Available! Free Ableton Live Audio Effect!

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If you are looking for the warm, pitch-drifting sounds of vintage analog synthesizers, then you are going to love MELT. MELT is a collection of 40 Ableton Live Instrument Racks featuring those hazy, nostalgic synth sounds we all love. MELT will immediately take you down Memory Lane with is charm and character. At the same time, the ability to layer together different sounds brings a nice modern edge to the collection. Check out the walk-through video below, then pick up MELT and warm your heart with these great sounds! You can read more about MELT here.

Ableton Live Pack

MELT captures the warm, fuzzy, pitch-drifting, vibe of vintage analog synthesizers in a deep and powerful Ableton Live Instrument Rack. Features 45 Ableton Live Presets and nearly endless combinations of sounds!

Free Ableton Live Audio Effect Rack: MELT Factor

Aside from the samples of the Prophet 6, which make up the 61 sounds in MELT, part of the power of MELT is the MELT Factor Audio Effect Rack. And the good news is I want you to have it for free!

ADM MELT Factor lets you melt any sound you want!

ADM MELT Factor lets you melt any sound you want!

The MELT Factor Audio Effect Rack is the same effect rack found on the layers of each preset in MELT. It allows you to create 2 pitch-drifting effects, as well as add 3 types of noise. It's a great effect for making your synths sound like they came out of an old instrument that spent a little too much time out in the sun. You can dial in the effect ever so slightly or really subject your sounds to some destruction. It sounds good on individual sounds or even whole mixes. Give you sounds a hazy and dreamy feel, add some noise for a little extra character. Enjoy and tell your friends!