8-Bitify: Free Ableton Live Audio Effect Rack

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While playing with my retro video game Ableton Live Template, COIN-OP, I found I wanted to add some vocals that fit the feel of old school video games. So I built 8-Bitify, an Audio Effect Rack that downsamples and degrades audio in a similar manner to the sample channel on the Nintendo Entertainment System (Disclaimer! This is not a scientific replication, just an approximation by ear). 

8-Bitify is a pretty extreme effect. It's capable of pure destruction, but it can be dialed back to a slightly softer side. I've found it to be a lot of fun on vocals and drums, but feel free to use it however you like. Definitely experiment with automating the Crush parameters! Check out the video below to hear 8-Bitify in use with COIN-OP. 

Make Authentic 8-Bit Music with COIN-OP

COIN-OP is an Ableton Live Template for creating 8-bit video game music. It comes with everything you need, all completely set up, for making retro video game music. 

Ableton Live Template

COIN-OP is an Ableton Live Template for creating authentic retro video game music. Simply open the project and start making old-school video game music! The project is loaded with instruments and effects for composing and performing 8-bit style music.

Full video walkthrough...

Hear COIN-OP in action...