#47: Merlyn Silva - Producer, Educator, Ableton Certified Trainer


Merlyn Silva is a musician, sound artist, and educator from Denmark. His work spans many different genres, with a focus on electronics and glitch. A background in drama helps Merlyn shape both his music and teachings. 

I had a great conversation with Merlyn, spanning a wide range of topics. He's got some great thoughts on being productive. I especially liked his "hats" method. In this talk, Merlyn shares his thoughts on making music, teaching, and his musical collaboration with a cup of coffee. Merlyn's enthusiasm is infectious. Enjoy this talk!

*A little disclaimer... Unfortunately, there were some errors on my end of the audio. I believe it was merely a bad microphone cable that caused some bothersome clicks and pops. I actually found that adding a layer of vinyl record crackling helped to mask the glitches and make the listening experience more enjoyable. Although it's certainly not ideal, I don't think that it takes away from the valuable wisdom Merlyn shared with me. Thanks for your understanding!*

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Show Notes:

  • YouTube - Merlyn's channel with some great performances and tutorials.
  • SoundCloud - Listen to Merlyn's music.
  • Warp Academy - Great tutorial by Merlyn on creating interesting vocal chops.