Ableton Live Audio FX Tips and Tricks on Ableton Live Music Producer Podcast


I appeared on the latest episode of the Ableton Live Music Producer Podcast, hosted by Dan Giffin of Live Producers Online. The episode is titled “Tips & Tricks Eps. 2 - Audio Effects with AfroDJMac.” During the show, Dan and I go back and forth sharing some of our favorite tips about Ableton Live’s audio effects. I really enjoyed talking with Dan, and I also picked up on a few new tips for my own productions.

Dan is the official organizer for the Indianapolis Ableton Live User Group. His site, Live Producers Online, offers online courses and connects Ableton Live users with professional trainers.

Check out Live Producers Online.

Listen to my conversation with Dan on the Ableton Live Music Producer Podcast.

It’s All About Building Relationships!

I’ve been listening to Dan’s podcast for the last few months. There’s always some useful information and interesting guests. While I was at Ableton Loop, Dan and I ran into each other and realized we were both fans of each others’ work. It was one of the many connections I made with people I ran into at Loop. More than anything, the experience reminded me the importance of building relationships with people.

Check out this episode of my podcast, The Music Production Podcast, where I discuss some of the valuable lessons I learned at Loop. And then keep an eye out for my conversation with Dan, which should be coming soon!