DataLooper in Action - Free Ableton Live Pack #177

DATALOOPER INstrument Pack.png

DataLooper is a hardware, guitar-pedal-style, controller that makes live looping with Ableton Live quick and easy. To celebrate its creation, DataLooper creator, Vince Cimo, has built two Ableton Live Sessions for Free Download! Vince used a variety of instruments I created to produce the music in these sessions. The download comes with 19 Ableton Live devices, and dozens of MIDI clips, all of which you can use in your own music.

Check out the creation video below:

Vince Cimo on the Music Production Podcast

Vince took the time to talk about DataLooper on the Music Production Podcast. He was joined by musician friend, Vir McCoy, who is also a live looper, specializing in a exotic and foreign instruments.

Listen to Vince and Vir on the Music Production Podcast.


Learn More About DataLooper

Vince built DataLooper to solve his own problems with live looping. The solution is extremely exciting and elegant. As an avid live looper himself, Vince takes his experience and desires and puts them all into DataLooper. He’s listening closely to DataLooper users to continue to make the experience as seamless and smooth as possible.

Learn more about DataLooper.