#50: 2 Ways to Develop Your Tracks

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Let's continue our #FinishFebruary2018 work! In today's episode, we talk about a couple of techniques we can use to move forward with our tracks. I'd still characterize these steps as the planning phase, but I think taking these extra steps will focus our work in the future, which will ultimately save us time. It's very easy to get lost in making music without any direction; these two steps will help focus our work. 

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Show Notes:

  • Warp 10 - A full and free video course on all of the updates in Ableton Live 10.
  • Google Spreadsheet: Use this spreadsheet to categorize your jams and organize your thoughts on each one.
  • My Spreadsheet - Here's what I did with my spreadsheet. I still want to add a few tracks from the previous year that will fit in with some of the jams from #Jamuary2018.
  • My Jamuary 2018 Tracks - YouTube playlist of all 31 jams.
  • Making Music - A guide to beginning, progressing, and finishing tracks, by Dennis DeSantis. About 1/3 of the book is available here for free.
  • Freytag's Pyramid - Plot diagram.
  • Episode #48 - Introduction to #FinishFebruary2018.