Learn Ableton Live 10 for Free with 7 Ableton Certified Trainers

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Ableton Live 10 was released last week. I've been using the beta since August and have grown to love the new features. If you haven't updated yet, I highly recommend it. There's awesome new devices and fantastic updates that have made working in Live quicker and more fun than ever.

Learn Ableton Live 10 with Warp Academy

Over the last few weeks, I've worked with Warp Academy to create videos for the release of Live 10. Warp Academy has enlisted me and 6 other Ableton Certified Trainers to cover every new feature and update. The result is Warp 10, a 17 video course on everything you are going to want to know about Live 10. Best of all, it is completely free.

Here's the spaceship, futuristic themed promo video:

I contributed 4 videos to the course, all on Push 2 updates. You might consider this an update to my Push 2 Jumpstart video course. In Live 10, Push 2 is endowed with exciting new powers. The display lets you see much more information, there's a new melodic step sequencer, and we have more control over more functions than ever before. 

Head over to Warp Academy for the free download of Warp 10.

My Thoughts and Tutorials on Live 10

Over the last few months, I've put together some Live 10 materials. Below is a playlist of some of my favorite new features, including a 40 minute walkthrough of Wavetable.

I also dedicated an episode of the Music Production Podcast to my thoughts on Live 10.

And I built a free Instrument Rack, loaded with effects, designed to take advantage of some of Live 10's new features.

I hope you find this helpful. Lots of new possibilities are in our hands! Stay tuned for more in the near future :)