31 Days of Jams in January; Plus a New Challenge!


#Jamuary2018 Has Ended!

I am very excited and proud to say that I managed to create a jam for every day in January. It's certainly the longest consecutive streak of making music in my life. I found it extremely productive and empowering. I learned a lot of important lessons, some of which you can hear on this episode of the Music Production Podcast, and more lessons will be shared in the future. I even have a couple of downloads coming that are a result of this work.

You can see my Instagram posts here.

Check out all the amazing work by the community here Instagram #Jamuary2018.

Below is a video playlist of all 31 jams in reverse-chronological order. These are the full-length versions and not the 1 minute Instagrams:

A New Challenge Begins #FinishFebruary2018

If you participated in Jamuary 2018, congratulations, but it would be a shame if all of those jams went to waste. So I'm proposing a new challenge, Finish February 2018. During February, I will be taking my favorite jams from January and making them into an EP or album of music. Join me in the process!

I just released a podcast about how it will start, and even produced a spreadsheet you can download to start organizing, categorizing, and planning your work for the month. 

Listen to the Music Production Podcast #48: Let's Start #FinishFebruary2018.

Download the Finish February Spreadsheet. 

There's nothing like a community of people encouraging you to continue working! Join the fun and end the month with a new release!