Reading List: 12 Rules, Reverb, Polyrhythms, Free Stuff...


I spend a lot of time reading and watching videos about making music, creativity, life, etc. I decided I wanted to share some of my favorites of the week with everyone here. So here's a little reading list to give you some ideas and inspiration for the weekend. Enjoy!

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson: I listened to this book and immediately started it over to listen again. It's got so much practical advice for so many different aspects of life. I really love this one!

Create drums with Live's Echo device by ELPHNT:

Free Wavetable presets from Subaqueous:

Polyrythms with Adam Neely at Loop:

Beat Lab Academy tells us all about Ableton Live's Note Length device:

The Daily Grind: Output, makers of some really innovative plugins have some really nice videos for their 7 Days of Making Beats series.

Berklee Take Note: Promoting Your Music: An Interview with Vanyaland’s Michael Marotta.

Decoding The Mix of the Most Streamed Song of 2017 by Tom Frampton of Mastering the Mix.

Ableton has a nice roundup of tutorials about using reverb.

Make your Korg Volca FM velocity sensitive with a free Max for Live device!

LANDR's Musician's Guide to Maximizing Creativity.