Reading List: Intros, Live Looping and Performance, and Some Useful Devices

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This week, there's some great content for helping you get your tracks started, performing, and adding excitement. Also check out some cool devices from Beat Lab.

The always entertaining Underbelly teaches you how writing intros is a lot like meeting women:

Live Looping with Rheyne, A nice approach to live looping and performance:

A clever way to use Live's MIDI Effects for adding harmonies, from Beat Lab Academy:

From Loop, a performative presentation by Tennyson:

A nice set of techniques for more organic mixes:

Beat Lab's AutoTuna- an improved auto-tune with Max for Live!

A great conversation with engineering, producer, author Tom Frampton.

Creating Excitement- Simple Techniques to Prevent Boredom: My newest video course on making interesting music.

Glitch and LoFi Audio Effects Ableton Live Bundle: Two of my best collections of audio effects are on sale until March 27th!