Reading List: Performing Mixes, Moog Samples, Sidechaining


Here are some cool things I came across this week!

Performing a mix. A quicks study of The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows:"

War of Art Free Mini-Course: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is one of my favorite books on creativity and getting things done. There's a free mini-course available, check it out!

Legowelt Free MiniMoog Samples - True to his aesthetic, Legowelt has released a set of MiniMoog samples "including all the noise, dust, crackle, unstableness and sheer uncorrupted walnut-wooden sensuality you can get with a real MINIMOOG." Browse his late-90's Geocities-style site for some excellent samples and Ableton Live Instruments, especially those drum kits under the Software page!

Sidechain Compression Part 1 - Concepts and History - Ableton treats us to an in-depth look at sidechaining.

Beatlab Academy has some great videos about sidechaining in Ableton Live.

Free Floating Oscilloscope - A free Max for Live oscilloscope by Jonas Obermueller.