#60: Underbelly - And You Suck At Producing


You might not think that telling people they suck at producing is a good way to win over fans, but  Underbelly has managed to take that approach and build a community of eager producers around it. His YouTube channel, You Suck at Producing, is growing at a hyper pace thanks to his powerful lessons and hilarious sense of humor. Underbelly packages important lessons in concise videos laced with a lighthearted attitude and dry humor. 

As a fan of his work, I had a great time talking with Underbelly. He's a classically trained pianist and an adept producer. During our conversation, Underbelly discusses his approach to his work as a teacher and a musician. He highlights the importance of not taking ourselves so seriously as artists, but being serious about discipline and producing quality music. I found him especially nice to talk to because he has a balance of deep knowledge and skill, but is open and honest about his own struggles as a musician. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • You Suck at Producing - Underbelly's official page.
  • Underbelly's Youtube - A seriously hilarious and helpful channel for music production.
  • Music - Check out Underbelly's music on Soundcloud.
  • Private Lessons - Get some one-on-one time with Underbelly.
  • Live Looping Tutorial - A nice live looping tutorial Underbelly did for DJ TechTools.
  • Pyramind - Learn in the classroom with Underbelly.
  • Discord - Join in the conversation and perhaps your song will be roasted on Underbelly's live stream.
  • Endtroducing by DJ Shadow
  • FKJ - Live looping guitarist.
  • StickK - Punish yourself for not accomplishing your goals by helping causes you don't like.