What Makes Imaginando's DRC Such a Versatile and Powerful Synthesizer

drc afro youtube.jpg

There are a ton of synthesizers for iOS these days. One I find particularly useful is DRC by Imaginando. DRC is an analog emulation synth, that has lots of little details and small inconsistencies that mimic the circuitry of analog synths. On top of that, you can program on both iOS and desktop versions, and your presets all sync up. There's something extremely satisfying about programming patches during some downtime and finding them in your DAW when you are ready to work.

Check out this video below, where I explore some of the fun, analog-style details in DRC, and use them to build a patch from scratch.

DRC by Imaginando at Plugin Boutique 

DRC analog emulation synthesizer

Listen to Nuno Santos, co-founder of Imaginando, on the Music Production Podcast.