Free Synth Brass Ableton Live Pack #174

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SYNTH BRASS is my latest premium Ableton Live Pack. It comes with 32 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, in the style of classic synthesized brass sounds. Each sound was programmed and sampled from the glorious Prophet 6 analog synthesizer by Sequential Circuits. Also included are 2 really useful Audio Effect Racks (Vintage Touch and Raspy Old Hiss), which are perfect for adding a little character and flavor to any sound you like.

I’d like hear some more synth brass in today’s music, so I’m giving everyone a free instrument from SYNTH BRASS. Make some beautiful music with it!

If you like this sound, you’ll love the full SYNTH BRASS Ableton Live Pack. Check out the video below and add 32 beautiful synth brass sounds to your musical arsenal. Better yet, join the AfroDJMac Music Production Club in September 2018, and you’ll get the pack for a fraction of the price, plus a ton of other helpful tools for your music.

September 2018 download from  ADM Music Production Club

September 2018 download from ADM Music Production Club

Ableton Live Pack

32 Ableton Live Instruments created from samples of the Prophet 6 analog synthesizer, specifically programmed to capture the classic synthesized brass sound. Every sound is completely customizable using the 20 Macro Controls. Includes 2 Audio Effect Racks.

*Requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard or Above.