#98: Francis Preve 2: Sound Design, Synthesis, VanLife

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Francis Preve is a sound designer, journalist, and educator. He teaches synthesis and sound design at Austin Community College. His writings on synthesis, sound design and gear can be found in top publications such as Keyboard magazine, Computer Music Magazine, and CDM. Francis has contributed synthesizer presets to just about every major manufacturer of hardware and software synths. It is quite likely you have some of his sounds in your collection. 

This is the second time Francis has taken time to be on the podcast; he is our first repeat guest! Francis discusses his teaching and some of the projects he has been involved in over the past year. It was a wide ranging conversation with plenty of interesting tangents, as well as lots of useful and practical information about sound design, synthesis, and even #vanlife. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

And some topics that came up after we stopped recording...