Drew Vespers - Warp Academy and Hacking Productivity: Music Production Podcast #130

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Drew Vespers is a musician, producer, and founder of Warp Academy, an Ableton Certified Trainer Center in Canada. Warp Academy is one of the leading producers of high quality online music production education. His tutorials have helped thousands of musicians (including myself!) grow and develop into successful artists. Drew's music combines elements of rock, jazz, hip hop, and electronic bass music, and been released on a variety of record labels. 

I really enjoyed talking with Drew about his work, Warp Academy, and how he manages to stay so productive and focused. This conversation covers a lot. We cover advanced mixing techniques, which has become a passion of Drews. There's also quite a lot along the lines of getting and staying productive. Drew shares practical tips on health and mindfulness, as well as many resources and books that have helped him keep his attention on his work.

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Show Notes:

  • Warp Academy - Ableton Certified Trainer Center Drew founded.

  • Vespers - Drew's personal work as an artist and teacher.

  • YouTube - Subscribe to Warp Academy for tons of tutorials.

  • Nexus - Facebook Group for producers to share knowledge and ideas.

  • The MOD Method - Drew's video course designed to give the tools and inspiration to create music you can be proud of.

  • Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart - Ableton Push 2 video course I made with Warp Academy.

  • 5 Focus and Productivity Hacks - Drew shares some tips on getting work done.

Book Recommendations:

App Recommendations:

  • Freedom - Block the internet and apps for focus.

  • Self Control - free alternative to Freedom that I'm experimenting with.

  • Vitamin R - Productivity app.

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