Music Production Podcast #109: Mark Cawley - Songwriter, Author of Song Journey


Mark Cawley is a hit songwriter, with credits to his name for artists like Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker, and many more. His new book, Song Journey: A Hit Songwriter’s Guide Through the Process, the Perils, and the Payoff of Writing Songs for a Living, offers practical steps and advice for songwriters. It's currently the #1 new release in the Music Composition category on Amazon. Mark also offers one on one coaching to songwriters at his website 

It was great to talk with Mark. His perspective on songwriting goes deep on the craft and the workmanship, but still hangs on to a sense of childlike wonderment. He shares plenty of tools and techniques to build a disciplined craft of songwriting, while emphasizing the importance of having fun, staying openminded, and maintaining enthusiasm. Just as his book is easy to read, Mark was easy to talk to and extremely generous with his knowledge and experiences. 

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Show Notes:

  • Song Journey- Mark's new book on how to become successful songwriter.

  • IDoCoach- Mark's website where he offers coaching for songwriters. 

  • IDoCoach Blog- Mark's blog with helpful articles about songwriting.