3 Ableton Live Packs for the May 2019 Update to the Music Production Club!

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May 2019 Download for the AfroDJMac Music Production Club

This month, members of the Music Production Club will get 3 Ableton Live Packs:

Moog Big Phatty Ableton Live Pack- 33 Instruments made from the Moog Slim Phatty analog synthesizer.

Yamaha DX7 Ableton Live Pack - 54 Instruments made from the Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer.

Super Tape Drums Ableton Live Pack - 450 Drums recorded to Reel to Reel tape and made into 30 Ableton Live Drum Racks.

Get 3 Ableton Live Packs for $6 by Joining the AfroDJMac Music Production Club!

3 Ableton Live Packs are the May downloads for AfroDJMac Music Production Club Members.  Join the Club to get this Ableton Live Pack, as well as $100 worth of other powerful production tools. 

Member Benefits: