Free Ableton Live Pack #183: The Sounds of Divorce Court's New Single "Sea of White"

Dreamy, chill-wave producer Divorce Court has just released his new single “Sea of White.” The track is perfect for the hot, hazy summer days we find ourselves in now. Divorce Court manages to capture the nostalgic feelings of distant memories triggered by soaking in a body of water in the hot summer sun.

Check out the appropriately VHS camcorder-recorded music video and drift away in the good vibes.

Lynden Williams, the man behind Divorce Court, spoke about his music and production style with me on the Music Production Podcast. I was very excited to hear that many of the sounds in this track came from some of my Ableton Live Packs. It’s always a lot of fun for me to hear what winds up happening to these sounds once people download them! Below, you can can hear how some of those Ableton Live Instruments helped create the sounds of “Sea of White.” Then download them to use in your own music!

“Sea of White” Sounds

0:00 ADM DREAM Lullabye Bye - from DREAM KEYS Ableton Live Pack

2:15 It comes back in sounding more like a bell

0:00 ADM DEE EX From Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Pack

0:20 ADM HAZE FADED “TapeAccnt” from HAZE Ableton Live Pack

1:05 ADM DREAM Polycyclic from DREAM KEYS Ableton Live Pack

1:35 ADM Goodness Synths from Peaceful Synths Ableton Live Pack

*Download Requires Ableton Live 10.1 Standard or Above