Be PROlific - Music Production Podcast #120

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Quality comes from quantity, so make as much music as you can. The more you do anything the better you get at it.

In this episode, I talk about a few things that have inspired me lately, and they all have to do with being prolific. 

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Show Notes:

  • JUNO-106 Ableton Live Pack- The instruments used to make the intro music.

  • Drumtraks by ReverbMachine- Drums used in the intro music. Save 50% with code: AFRODJMAC

  • Gumroad Found Sahil Lavingia- Sahil has some powerful thoughts on being prolific, which he shared on the podcast.

  • Chef Elf- Nate Beaudry made a new piece of music every day for 500 days. He talks with me about it on the podcast.

  • Bruce Herwig- a great blog about a ceramic teacher's grading policy.

  • On Writing- Steven King's amazing book on writing.

  • War of Art- Steven Pressfield's inspiration kick in the ass. This book is so inexpensive and yet so valuable.

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