Creating Excitement: Simple Techniques to Prevent Boredom

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Don't Make Boring Music

There's one thing we musicians don't want to do: bore our listeners. Music is supposed to excite the emotions. It makes people feel. At it's best, music can make us laugh, cry, long, empathize... It can capture emotions that we don't have words for. It can even inspire dislike and negative emotions. But at its worst, it bores us. It makes us feel nothing. It has no impact. This is exactly what we want to avoid.

Techniques to Make Exciting Music

Creating Excitement: Simple Techniques to Prevent Boredom is a video course that provides quick and practical techniques to ensure that your music is interesting and exciting. The tips and techniques can be applied to any genre or style, and are easy to implement.  

In truth, I've been working on these videos to document a set of techniques I turn to myself. I want to have a running list of ideas to try whenever I get stuck or find my music lacking something. I want to share these ideas with you.

An On-Going Series of Videos...

I consider this an on-going series that will be updated as time goes on. The first volume of 15 videos has been released to members of the AfroDJMac Music Production Club. Next month, another volume will be added. Current members can download or stream the videos now. If you are not yet a member, join now to access these videos and add excitement to your music!

Here's a sample video and a run down of topics:

Creating Excitement: Simple Techniques to Prevent Boredom Volume 1

  • Duplicate and Vary
  • Slow and Subtle Changes
  • Unlinked Envelopes
  • Unequal Loop Lengths
  • Polymeters
  • Polyrhythms
  • Odd Rhythms
  • Add a Recorded Element
  • Double a Sound
  • Humanize Timing in Unison Sounds
  • Layer Sounds
  • Layer Drums
  • New Layers with Arpeggiators
  • Change Time Signature
  • The Fugue Approach