Drum Fills Sample Pack

Over 1,000 Drum Fills You Can Drag and Drop Into Your Tracks!

Just about every time I'm working on a track, I need to make up some drum fills in order to keep things interesting. Sometimes it's just a simple snare drum roll, other times it's a pattern of toms, but either way, creating drum fills is a task I do almost all the time. 

I decided that it would be very helpful to have a collection of fills I can simply drop into my projects when I need them. So I've built the AfroDJMac Drum Fills Sample Pack!

The Drum Fills Sample Pack contains over 1,000 1-bar drum fills. Simply drop these audio files right on a track and you are set. There's a ton of variety of fills made from a few hundred different drum samples.  Are you tired of programming snare drum rolls over and over again? This pack has over 200 snare drum rolls! 

The Drum Fills Sample Pack has over 1,000 drum fills!

The Drum Fills Sample Pack has over 1,000 drum fills!

What's Inside:

  • 1,083 1-Bar Drum Fills
  • Snare Drum Fills
  • Snare Drum Rolls
  • Tom Fills
  • Easy "Drag and Drop" Usage.

The concept is simple. With this Pack you get over 1,000 1-bar drum fills. Drop them in a track and Live automatically syncs them to your project's tempo. The fills are categorized into Snare and Tom fills.  The Snare fills contain 8th and 16th note rolls, as well as a large collection of different rhythmic fills. 

How To Use The Drum Fills Pack

Drag and Drop: this is the simplest way to use the Pack. Add the Drum Fills Pack to your Places in Live's Browser, and then just drag them onto your tracks. 

Mix and Match: You can drag a couple of drum fills onto Live's Arrangement View. From there, you can chop them and rearrange them to create new fills.

Reverse, Transpose, Half and Double: Experiment with some of the Sample controls. Try dropping a fill on a track and reversing it. Is a sample too fast or slow? Try using the ":2 *2" buttons in order to double and half the playback speed. Try changing the pitch of the fills with the Transpose control. 

Automatic Fills with Follow Actions: Put a drum beat in an audio clips, then directly below that clip, add a bunch of the drum fills from the Pack. Set the Follow Actions for original beat to play for three bars and then play "Other." Select all of your drum fill clips and set their Follow Actions to play for one bar and then play "First." Now you will get a random fill on every fourth bar. Once the fill is done playing, the original beat will resume. I demonstrate this method in the video, and go into more detail in this 2 Minute Ableton Live Tip.

Follow Action Settings for main beat.

Follow Action Settings for Drum Fills.