Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Pack

Give Your Music a Quick Shot of Rhythm

The Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Pack is a collection of 78 tempo-synced Instruments Racks. The instruments will give your tracks movement and groove by simply holding down a few keys on your MIDI keyboard. Perfect for giving movement and life to music that needs a lift, and great for quickly generating musical ideas. Each of the Instruments is completely customizable with color-coded and carefully laid out Macro Controls.

One of the 78 Instrument Rack Presets included with the Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Pack

Rhythms From a Wide Range of Synthesizers

Creating the instruments in this Pack was a lot of fun. I programmed patches and sampled sounds from my collection of analog and digital hardware synths, as well as a host of virtual software instruments. There are even a few acoustic instrument samples inside. Each sample was placed inside of Live's Simpler and treated with some rhythmic effects of Ableton Live. The result is a very diverse collection of sounds, loaded with rhythms designed to immediately inspire creation.

Layers of Rhythms

The Instruments in the Rhythmic Pads Pack are divided into three groups: 35 Single Layers, 22 Noise Instruments, and 21 Triple-Layered Rhythmic Pads. All of the instruments have control over the timing, style, and intensity of their rhythmic movement. You get to decide whether or not your instruments are having a nice slow evolving flow or wild freakout dance party. 

The Triple-Layered Rhythmic Pads allow you to mix an arpeggiator layer, a noise layer, and a rhythmic pad layer. These powerful Instrument Racks are perfect for developing intricate polyrhythms that are big enough to fill an entire track. 

Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Pack

78 tempo-synced rhythmic Ableton Live Instrument Racks. By just holding out a few notes, get interesting moving sounds that fit perfectly within the beat of your track! 35 Single-Layered Synths, 22 Moving Noise Synths, and 21 3-Layer Polyrhythmic Synths.

Have Fun and Make Some Music!

I hope you enjoy the Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Pack! I've had a lot of fun creating it and making music with the instruments. As always if you are ever unsatisfied, I'll give you your money back. And if you make any music with these sounds post them on the SoundCloud Group! Below are the latest submissions, we are approaching 500 tracks!