Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #22: Nu Wave Synth


You're staying up late, way past your bed time, flipping through the channels, watching reruns of "Hey Vern, It's Ernest." All of the sudden you find yourself seriously lusting after this "Nu" appliance that will cut your cooking time in half, tastes better than the microwave, reduces the fat content of your Salisbury Steak, and as it turns out, makes for a pretty cool sounding synthesizer.

This weeks free Ableton Live Rack was created by sampling the tiny electronic beep from the info-mercial sensation, NuWave Oven.  It's not an uncommon electronic beep, it sounds like a stop watch, but when dropped into a sampler it becomes a haunting, ghostly pad or an atmospheric and organic electric keyboard.  It has quite a bit of character on its own, and I have added some tasteful effects and modulations, as well as introduce some AM Modulation to bring out some nice harmonics.  For such a short sample, under one second, this instrument has quite a bit of life.  Enjoy it and spread the word :)

P.S. Anyone out there update to Ableton 8.2.5 and running OSX Lion?  I'm nervous!

I've got a couple more new Ableton racks and Sample packs over at the AfroDJMac Store.

I customized my APC40MPK49 and LaunchPad,  let me know what you think!  [slickr-flickr tag="custom"]

**Thanks to everyone who made it out the benefit show for MADD Sunday, over $1,400 was raised!