Ableton Rack #23: Super Glitch Machine (part 1)

Can you guess which classic NES game is glitched out in this picture?

Can you guess which classic NES game is glitched out in this picture?

Greetings boys and girls, this week I have part one of a two part series on creating glitchy music.  As fun as it is to create things, there's a whole other sense of satisfaction in destroying them.  For your downloading pleasure, I've constructed three different Ableton Live Effect Racks that are designed to mutilate, mangle, destroy, and crush your tracks up.  I built up groups of effects that will take your sounds and twist them into oblivion so that you wind up with something totally new and down right nasty.  These are great for individual tracks or entire mixes, experiment with them and take the music you have worked so hard to create and destroy it to your hearts content!  Follow the destruction in the video below. Next week in part two, we will take these very racks and go through the steps to take just about any sound and mangle it into a large group of glitchy noises that can then be reused again and again.

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More racks are available here, preview them in the videos below.

Here are the sounds from the video

Toy Synths
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