Ableton Rack 32: Gibson Pad

My Gibson acoustic guitar is a true one of a kind, it has a sound like no other and plays like a dream.  I've exploited it previously with my Gibson E-bow rack and this week I have put it to work again in another free Ableton Live Rack.  I sampled each of its six strings and racked them all together inside Live, added effects, and created what turns out to be a nice atmospheric pad sound.  I've designed it with a compressor ready made for easy side chaining, so you can get this instrument breathing and moving in time with other elements of your tracks.  Have fun with it and spread the word!  


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PS, if you haven't already seen it, The Ableton Cookbook is an excellent source for practical information for your Ableton needs.  Anthony Arroyo has been generously sharing his tips and experiences with readers, and this week he has put together an interesting post on creating baselines.  Check it out!  I find The Ableton Cookbook to be extremely helpful in my music production, and he even offers wisdom that extends outside the studio.  Plus he is a totally nice guy.  Highly Recommended!

And as always, if you come up with anything fun you'd like to share send it along!  Take care :)