Ableton AfroDJRack #53: Filter Housing and Space Delay

Above is a very handy Ableton Live Pack.  It consists of an instrument rack with 8 macros set up for an Auto Filter device. There is no instrument inside, but that's the point.  It allows you to drop any instrument into it and have control over just about every parameter you would want to control with Ableton's Auto Filter.  Very practical!

The other component is called the Triple Space Delay.  It is based on the Roland Space Echo.  It offers controls over various parameters of delay and reverb, to give some space to your tracks.  Very useful and inspiring :)

These racks were created by Chris Collins, who makes music under the name of  Solar Whale.  Chris sent me an email containing these and some other really cool synth instruments (more on those soon...).  I liked them so much I decided to release them to you with only a few modifications.   Here is the track by Solar Whale, used in the introduction to the video.  Show him some love!

Shattered perceptions by Solar Whale

Synths in video made with AfroDJMac Big Phatty Pack below:

Moog Big Phatty Ableton Live Pack

The Unmistakeable Classic Sound of Moog in Ableton Live

There's no denying the sound of a Moog synth, now you can have it right inside your laptop! The Moog Big Phatty Ableton Live Pack contains over 30 warm, thick, analog instrument racks built from samples of the Moog Slim Phatty analog synthesizer.  Take the synth beyond its hardware capabilities with this Live Pack.

-33 Diverse Ableton Live Instrument Racks
*Requires Ableton Live 8 or higher

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