2 Min. Ableton Tip #2: Quick Midi to Audio

Here's a quick Ableton Live tip on how to rapidly get your Midi instruments to Audio clips.  Transferring Midi to audio has its benefits.  Audio usually requires less CPU.  You can warp audio.   Audio can be manipulated in many ways that are impossible with midi (i.e. reversing the signal to play it backwards, time stretching, etc.). All you need to do is freeze your midi track and drag the clips on to an audio track.  Quick and Easy.  Check out the video below for a demonstration.

The sounds used in the video were made with the AfroDJMac Op-1 Rack.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Ableton Live Pack

The OP-1 is a super diverse and unique sounding instrument. This Ableton Live Pack contains multiple presets that you can cycle through. While sampling, the instrument was tweaked, to add to movement and life to the sounds.  1 rack, multiple presets, endless capabilities.

-1 Multi Layered Ableton Live Instrument Rack
*Requires Live 8 or higher

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