2 Min. Ableton Tip #3: Routing for Live Looping

When I started using Ableton Live, one of the first things I wanted to learn how to do was live, on the fly looping.  The following video shows one way you can accomplish just that.  Because Ableton allows you to route any track to any other track, it is pretty easy to set up.  In the video example, I have a midi track with an instrument on it (PS that instrument will be available soon!).  The instrument is routed to four different audio tracks.  To do this, simply select the instrument track in the "audio from" field on all four audio tracks.  Next, I turn off input monitoring on each audio track so that we don't hear four layers of the same sound (that would get waaaay too loud).  Finally, I start playing my synth and record what I play into audio clips on the audio tracks.  From there it's quick and easy to build up multiple layers.  Watch below as I demonstrate. 

You are not limited to simply routing just one instrument to four tracks; you could just as easily set up multiple virtual synths and live instruments in the same manner.  The possibilities are endless!


If you haven't seen already, I just released a new Premium Ableton Live Pack, created with samples of the Roland Juno 106.  22 instruments in total, each with their own  unique set of macro controls, allowing for some wild sound manipulation.  Amazing analog sound!  Check out the full post here.

Roland Juno 106 Ableton Live Pack

The Roland Juno 106 is a classic analog poly synth from the 1980s.  It melts the ears with beautiful analog warm and character.  Now these classic sounds are available to you in Ableton Live!  Harness the power of the Juno and take it to new levels with the power of Ableton Live's Instrument racks and audio effects. 

-22 Ableton Live Instrument Racks
-Requires Live 8 and higher

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