Ableton Live AfroDJRack #54: Monotron Delay Emulation

Last year Korg released the Monotron, a miniature analog synth that is no larger than a cassette tape.  You may remember the Ableton Instrument Pack I created from its samples.  This year Korg added to the Monotron line with the Korg Monotron Duo and Korg Monotron Delay.  At about $50 each, purchasing them is practically a no brainer. Today’s free Ableton Live Pack is an emulation of the Korg Monotron Delay.  It was made with samples from the original Korg Monotron and created in collaboration with Solar Whale (give him a big thanks for all he has done!).  If you checked out my latest 2 Minute Ableton Tip: Routing for Live Looping, you have already heard this Ableton Instrument Rack in use.

The Monotron Delay Rack has 8 macro controls that allow you to greatly alter its sound.  It features controls for the synth’s filter and an LFO that is modulating the filter frequency.  There, of course, is plenty of control over the delay.  You can alter the amount of delay, the time between each delay, and a band-pass filter to change the character of the delay.  I have set the delay itself to repitch mode, which emulates analog tape delays.

Have fun experimenting with this synth and I think you'll find it has quite a lot of potential.  It is capable of things not possible on the original.  The original hardware models do have a distinct advantage: the filter, which is a faithful recreation of the ms-20’s filter.   Korg has thoughtfully equipped the Monotrons with an audio input, which allows you to run external audio signals through this brilliant filter, awesome!

If you are considering purchasing any of the Monotrons, do it through my Amazon Affiliate store.  It will send a small commission my way at no extra cost to you; it’s an easy, painless way to show your support :)

Speaking of Analog Synths, I’ve just released the Roland Juno 106 Ableton Pack.  It has 22 different Ableton Instruments ranging from Bass and lead sounds to pads, percussion, and white noises.  Each instrument is created with samples from the Juno 106 and has its own unique set of macro controls, loaded with effects sound morphing potential.

Roland Juno 106 Ableton Live Pack

The Roland Juno 106 is a classic analog poly synth from the 1980s.  It melts the ears with beautiful analog warm and character.  Now these classic sounds are available to you in Ableton Live!  Harness the power of the Juno and take it to new levels with the power of Ableton Live's Instrument racks and audio effects. 

-22 Ableton Live Instrument Racks
-Requires Live 8 and higher

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