Free Ableton Pack 55: Monotron Mods

An unexpected and cool result of releasing Ableton Instruments is that once in a while someone sends one to me.  I wanted to share a couple modifications on the Korg Monotron racks of the last few weeks... First Max Rieger from the band Die Selektion, wrote:

Hi! I just checked out your Monotron Delay Emulation, which is pretty nice! I am a fan of spooky pads, so i made an edit of the instrument.

I created a 10 voice pad based on your instrument and your samples. I didn't change many things, but the result is enormous!

I hope you like it!

I like it very much Max!  The result is a flexible pad instrument with some nice macro knobs.  Check out Max on SoundCloud.  Thanks a lot Max!

Second, Solar Whale sends in another emulation, this time of the Korg Monotron Duo.  He put some nice controls for the detuning, which I think is a great touch.  Solar Whale also sent me a nice little delay rack called "Outer Body Delay."  I placed it on the Return channel inside the Ableton Live set.  There's a lot of control over the different parameters of this delay, which I think people will find useful.  Thanks again Solar Whale, you've done some great work!

So check these instruments and effects out, I think they are very useful and a lot of fun.  And please continue to send along anything related that you create, whether it is music or modifications; it's very inspiring!