Learn Max and Finish Tracks: The Ableton Cookbook

Hungry for some new production recipes (bad pun #1)?  Allow me to suggest The Ableton Cookbook.  One thing I love about Ableton Live is the robust community of helpful, like-minded users that make the experience of using the software so enjoyable.  The Ableton Cookbook, created and run by Anthony Arroyo, is a shining example of this community, and right now there are some cool things going on at the site. I know my way around Live pretty well, and enjoy some really cool plugins for Max for Live, but I know nothing about creating my own patches.  So I for one am super excited that The Ableton Cookbook is running a series called "Get Patching," which will teach us what we need to know to get started making our own Max For Live devices.  The lessons start at the beginning with the basics, perfect for a guy like me with no programming background whatsoever.  Check out the first in the series...

Another inspiring topic is called FDT or Finish the Damn Track.  It's all about what you can do to actually get your tracks done, instead of constantly working on projects that only wind up half baked (bad pun #2).  I know that I suffer from this epidemic from time to time, reading this series of articles has been very helpful.

On top of that are the regular diet (bad pun #3) of Ableton Tutorials.  You can learn a lot online, and a few of my favorite tricks have come from The Ableton Cookbooks steady stream of Live Tips and Tactics.  Below is a cool one about follow actions.

So, if you haven't been to the Ableton Cookbook yet, check it out.  There's a wealth of information over there, some really useful courses you can sign up for, plus Anthony Arroyo is a cool dude.  Check it out!