2 Minute Ableton Tip #6: Custom Default Plugin Presets

 Sometimes I think workflow is almost as important to an artist as talent.  If you can't get the work done in an efficient way, then what good is talent?  It gets lost in lousy, time consuming habits and is ultimately wasted.  Having a fluid workflow could help a slightly less talented person create more, which will lead to experience, which can make up for the lack of talent.  So with that philosophy in mind, the next few 2 Minute Ableton Live Tips will focus on workflow.  A quality workflow can help your creative output tremendously.

Often we find ourselves doing the same exact things over and over again.  For example, when I put an Auto Filter on a track, I always change the phase from 180 degrees to zero.  The panning effect is cool at 180 degrees, but not on everything.  Fortunately we are not stuck changing a parameter every time we open a new instance of an Ableton device, we can create our own custom default presets.  Once you have done so, every time you open an instance of that plugin, it will open just how you want it.  In my case that means no more changing the phase of an Auto Filter every time I open the device.

Here's How:

  1. Set up your Ableton Device exactly how you want it to be every time you open it.

  2. Right-Click on the title bar of the plugin.

  3. From the menu, select "Save as Default Preset."

  4. Never worry about it again!

This is a super handy technique that can eliminate a possible distraction, which could interrupt your precious creative flow.  Plus it is reversible! Anytime you save a new default preset, Ableton saves it in the Ableton Library under the folder "Defaults."  From there just navigate to the appropriate folder (audio effects, Instruments, MIDI effects, etc.) to view your presets.  If you want to revert back to the factory settings, simply delete your preset from the folder.

If you have any workflow tips, please leave them in the comments!

Enjoy this tip, check out the tips from the past, as well as my collection of Free Ableton Devices, and spread the word around.