2 Minute Ableton Tip #7: More Efficient Drum Rack Sampling

To continue with our discussion of saving time and improving our workflow in Ableton Live, let's talk about dropping samples into a drum rack.  By default, when you drop samples onto a drum rack, Ableton creates a Simpler instrument to house that sample, within the cell of the drum rack.  That Simpler's parameters are set to a factory default.  Just like you can change device preset defaults (see 2 Minute Ableton Tip #6), you can change the settings of the Simpler's defaults.  In fact, you can even change that Simpler to a Sampler.  In the following Ableton Quick Tip, I show you how. 

  1. Set up a Simpler or Sampler exactly how you like.
  2. Drag the Simpler or Sampler in your Live Library, in the folder "Library/Defaults/Dropping Samples/On Drum Rack"

Now Ableton will create a Simpler (or Sampler) exactly as you specified every time you drop a sample on a Drum Rack.  To return to the factory default, just delete the preset from the folder you saved it to. I find this technique especially useful when I want to make a drum rack full of one-shots (samples that play from beginning to end each time they are triggered).  I open a Simpler (or Sampler) and set the release time to its highest value. Once I drag this preset to the "On Drum Rack" folder, each cell on a new Drum Rack will be a one-shot.

Speaking of drum racks, here's a few cool ones: "Glitchy Phatty Drums"

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