Great Business Advice from a Great Business

As musicians in a world of zillions of other musicians, it's really important to stand out.  The amount of people we can reach on a daily basis is pretty incredible.  The problem is... so can everyone else.  A question that is more important than ever is "How do you break through the noise?"  We have to find creative ways to stand out and be something that other people want to pay attention to.  Here is a really informative and insightful video blog from Derek Sivers, creator of  I signed up for CDBaby when I released my first two solo albums under the name Project Nairb (check them out below the video) and loved the service.  If you are interested in some unique advice and perspective on how a small company was able to thrive against daunting competitors such as and AOL, make yourself some tea, relax and listen to Derek Sivers speak.