2 Minute Ableton Live Tip #15: SideChain the Gate

Trigger Sounds and Create Interesting Rhythms by SideChaining Ableton's Gate!

Ableton Live's Gate effect is super useful for cutting out unwanted noises and cleaning up tracks.  Basically, the gate stays closed, preventing sound from passing through, until the volume reaches a certain threshold.  At that point the sound is allowed to pass through.  The gate then closes again when the volume drops below that threshold, silencing the audio.  By enabling the "Flip" button, you can have it behave the opposite way, only closing when the volume reaches a certain threshold.  Fortunately, the gate effect can also be sidechained to another audio signal.  So, once the other signal's audio reaches a certain level, the gate will open.  This creates a whole world of sonic possibilities.  Follow along in the video below as I, AfroDJMac, show you how to side chain Ableton's gate effect for some excitingly fun and creative results. Enjoy!

If you found this post useful, be sure to check out how you can sidechain the Compressor and the Auto Filter!

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