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Don't Waste Your Money on Bad iOS Apps!

Apple's iPhone and iPad have become legitimate music creation platforms.  I love the portability and diversity in the myriad of iOS apps available.  However, I do wish you could try apps before you buy them (maybe like a three minute preview or something).  I have purchased many apps that I would have certainly saved my money on if I had a chance to preview them.  Some are great and wildly innovated, while others are cheap thrills and poorly designed.

So to help you make informed decisions on your future purchases, I have started a list of my favorite iOS apps.  Any app on this list has been tested and gets my personal seal of approval.  These are the apps I have no regrets about buying and actually get a lot of use from.  The apps are listed in no particular order and I provide a short description and review of each one.  Check out the full list here, and check back often; I will update as I discover new and worthy additions.  And if you know of any good ones I have missed, let me know in the comments.  Enjoy!

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