Drum Jam for iOS Quick and Easy Beats for iPad!

Drum Jam: an Amazing and Versatile Drum Sequencer and Performance iOS App for iPad

DrumJam is a lot of fun and easy to use.  You can make beats by just moving your finger across the pads.  One of the great features is that it accepts midi clock. I like to sync it with Ableton Live's clock and just slide my finger across the screen. DrumJam then creates drum patterns completely in time with my tracks!  Plus the samples sound great!  In the video above, Nick and Gaz from SonicState.com review DrumJam, along with the amazing Impaktor.  I've had the pleasure to use both and can fully agree with their wholehearted endorsement!


 DrumJam for iPad

DrumJam is an amazing app that lets you slide your finger across the screen to create beats.  The samples sound great and it is all midi clock sync-able!

Impaktor - The drum synthesizer

Bang on the desk and Impaktor turns it in to percussion sounds.  It's amazing.  Simplicity and functionality come together beautifully.  This is a must have.

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