2 Minute Ableton Live Tip #16: Novation LaunchPad Step Sequencer

Ableton Step Sequencer for the Novation LaunchPad!

I've been on the hunt for a great step sequencer for the Novation LaunchPad in Ableton.  One fine day I discovered the LaunchPad85 Step Sequencer. This is the one I am currently using in my Live set.  It is simply a midi script that adds functionality to your LaunchPad.  It's free and does not require Max for Live.  I can't figure out who exactly made it, but I am forever grateful!  In the video, I show how easy it is to make beats with it, using some 8-bit style drums from my Super Tape Drums  Ableton Pack.

Download the LaunchPad85 Step Sequencer here.

Super Tape Drums Ableton Live Pack

Over 450 individual drum sounds, all sampled on to a Tascam 8 track reel to reel tape machine. They are warm and punchy. Delivered in over 30 drum racks, each organized in useful and easy to use that will make finding and creating drum parts as simple as possible. Divided into four 5 different categories of sound” 8 bit, drum machines, OP-1 drums, live and synthesized drums, and odd percussion.

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PS The Novation LaunchPad is really cheap on Amazon right now!

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